4 tips for planning a wedding in the United States

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Photo 4 tips for planning a wedding in the United States

Wedding is an important event in life. In the USA, it is common to have a wedding coordinator to plan the wedding. In fact, wedding coordinators organize everything, including the reception venue, the cake, the flower arrangement at the church, and other parts of the planning. What are the secrets for a perfect wedding ceremony?

4 expert tips for planning a wedding in the United States

1. Plan your budget correctly

Planning a wedding involves many things, and it is essential to know what percentage of your budget should be allotted to each part of the preparation. Here are some ideas which might help you:

  • In general, 50% of your budget is set for the reception. The number of guests to be invited depends on your budget. You can have a big wedding or a small wedding according to your financial situation.
  • Wedding attire: 10% of your budget goes to the wedding gown. In the USA, it is common to rent a wedding dress in order to reduce the expenses.
  • Wedding invites may be 2.5% of your budget.
  • You might need to set aside 7.5% of your budget to hire a wedding coordinator. It is necessary to check with the local services to know the exact amount needed for a wedding organizer.
  • Flower arrangement at church and at the tables in the reception venue may amount to 8% of your budget.
  • Entertainment and music: Whether you hire a DJ or a music band, do not forget to allot about 8% of your budget on entertainment during the reception.
  • 12% of your budget should be set aside for photos and videos. Hiring a professional photographer may cost you more, though.
  • It is necessary to set aside 12% of your budget for any other unexpected expenses.

2. Confirm the guest list

It is important to ask the guests to confirm whether they will attend the ceremony. It is always likely that a few guests cannot attend the ceremony because of unexpected reasons. If you spend $100 on a guest, but suppose that 5 guests won't be able to come. If your guests inform you ahead of time about their inability to attend the ceremony, you will be able to save $500 for the 5 guests.

3. Book a reception venue early

Booking a reception venue earlier enables you to have the reception at the location, you have always been thinking of. It is customary for many Americans to get married in June. You can also look for more interesting reception venue in your neighborhood on the internet.

4. Book a romantic honeymoon venue

Wedding is a unique moment in the couple's life. To commemorate that wonderful moment, it is a good idea to find the most romantic honeymoon destination through an online travel agency.

Plan the perfect wedding

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