How to rent a hall for an event abroad?

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Photo How to rent a hall for an event abroad?

Organizing an important event abroad is exciting in many ways; however, it can be stressful too, especially if you need to have a large place to host the event. It is common knowledge that if you rent a hall abroad, it is not for a personal reason, or for a small meeting. Instead, it is necessary to rent a hall abroad if you are to organize an international conference, or a similar big event. Here are the steps to follow if you need to rent a hall abroad.

Renting a hall or an event space abroad

  • Schedule a date: The first thing to do is to schedule a date when you need to use the hall. It is a good idea if you choose a date that does not overlap with another event in the calendar. This could be done by checking your calendar carefully about the days off in your host country, or at your workplace. Such information about holiday list is available on the internet.
  • Speculate about the number of the attendants: Once you know clearly the date of the event, it is important to estimate the number of people who will attend the event. If fewer people will come, then it is necessary to rent a small venue. However, if more people are scheduled to arrive, you should rent a more spacious hall. In order to know the exact number of attendants, make them pay some fees for their registration. This is known as registration fees. With the registration fees, the attendants are less likely to cancel their registration. Asking them to pay a cancellation fee is also useful.
  • Contact the Logistic Coordinator: Once you have some estimates about the number of the audience, call the Logistic Coordinator. Ask the Logistic Coordinator for an average-sized hall for fewer attendants; but rent a large hall if you organize a big conference or something similar.
  • Choosing the hall location: The location of the hall depends on the activities that you organize, and your objectives. Do you want organize the event near the city center? Or would you like to have it in the outskirt of the city? If you are ready, book the hall at the most suitable location.
  • Pay the deposit fee: 25% of the entire fee should be deposited in order to secure the hall. It is necessary to pay the deposit fee directly at the Logistic Coordinator's office. Then, inquire for a confirmation letter.
  • Receive a reservation confirmation: The event host will receive a letter or an e-mail which confirms the reservation of the hall. The reservation confirmation has to be sent at least 16 weeks before the event takes place. This is to give the host enough time to get the space ready before the event day.
  • Pay the remaining fees: Once the hall is secured, it is a good idea to ask the Logistic coordinator when you have to pay the remaining hall fees. They may allow you to pay all the remaining cost a month after you paid for the deposit fee.

Organize an event abroad

If you want to rent a hall for an important event abroad, make sure that you follow the process described above. You may need to arrive a few days before the event starts. Fly to your destination in time in order not to miss all important preparation details.

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